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Scripta Humanistica (R) is a scholarly series established for the purpose of publishing significant contributions in the area of humanistic studies: literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, and art, as well as creative writing in both prose fiction and poetry. Scripta Humanistica published its first volume in 1984 and is the sequel to the literary series Studia Humanitatis, founded by Professor Bruno Damiani, of the Catholic University of America in 1973.

The older Studia series has 95 titles and the newer Scripta has over 170 titles, with more to come.

Each title is published in a single run with a limited quantity of copies. Due to demand, some titles are now out-of-print. All titles in the series are cloth bound, smyth sewn, and printed on superior quality paper. 


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Book prices on this website are $5 lower than the catalog list price because you are purchasing directly from the publisher and not through a third party. 


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For U.S. orders over 6 books and International orders over 2 books, please email us directly to place your order, discuss bulk pricing, and/or for shipping options.

Also available are two special items in the products, which allow you to purchase the entire series of available Scripta Humanistica or Studia Humanitatis titles.


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